Femcee A.Dot is well known for her effortless style and her boyish look is hard to emulate. But she’s made it easier for us novices by launching some merchandise with leading streetwear brand House of Hoxshore.

House of Hoxshore has been deeply influenced by the culture & lifestyle of the East End, the name itself a mashup of Hoxton and Shoreditch which together are the epicentre of East End trendy cool. The brand fuses music and fashion from all around the world and has created an identity that pulls all of these things together under one roof.

The A.Dot influenced collection is very simple and includes a range of t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women. Unlike some other clothing brands which bear no resemblance to the style or essence of the artist fronting it, this collection fully reflects A.Dot’s image and is therefore called Quiff Head, after her iconic hairstyle.

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