Alexandra Burke and Jermain Defoe may be trying to keep their ‘friendship’ under wraps but they’re not really doing a very good job at it.

Although home now, the singer had been sunning herself on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and when she wasn’t frolicking around in the sea she was covering up in a football shirt belonging to Jermain.

And as if that wasn’t enough confirmation, Alexandra was also tweeting some not so cryptic messages to her boo, whilst abroad, to let him know she was thinking about him.

The former X Factor winner seems to think that if she refers to Jermain as ’18’ we won’t understand who she is talking about, despite the fact the footballer’s shirt number is 18. We’re not that easily fooled.

Alexandra’s friend then tweeted a picture of her on her phone asking why she was smiling, to which she responded…

Oooh we wonder who she's texting

We think it’s about time we thought of a name for these two love birds. How about Jermandra, or DraMain… just rolls off her tongue, doesn’t it?