Alexandra Burke was under police protection at the launch of her new lip product Lip Boom on Wednesday after receiving a number of threatening messages on Twitter.

The singer was celebrating the collaboration between her and cosmetics brand Make Up Academy but was so ‘freaked out’ she was forced to hire extra security, who stayed with her all night, in order to feel safe.

Alexandra's new lip product. There's even a shade called

A source told The Metro:

The police agreed to meet Alex at the entry of the club when she arrived and escort her in. Her own team weren’t taking any chances. Her management decided to draft in extra security to be by her side all night.

Some of the messages read:

“I’m coming, and I’ll murder you!”

“I’m going to kill you tonight”

“gonna stab you”

“prepare to die”

Despite the fact that the tweets were probably nothing more than ‘a disgusting bluff’ no chances were taken, especially after Alexandra and her family identified a man last month who threatened to stab her while they ate at the same restaurant.

Nevertheless the Elephant star didn’t let it dampen her spirits and still had a good time.

She tweeted after the launch:

Internet trolls are not