Having just launched her own range of lip gloss, Lip Boom, it looks like Alexandra Burke is keen on more ventures and has revealed that she’d love to release her own range of underwear.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Alexandra revealed that she’s an advocate of the saying ‘if you’re got it, flaunt it.’ Well she didn’t have to tell us twice as we rarely go a week without seeing her toned and well oiled pins on display!

Miss Burke wants to make more girls feel sexy and she said that she hopes to cater for all shapes and sizes.

I love getting my pins out and showing young girls that if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and be proud of what you’ve been given. And I’d like to bring out my own underwear range. It would be for all shapes and sizes, and would make them feel sexy.

With her appalling outfit choices still fresh in our minds, we’re praying that her underwear range will be a far cry from these disasters. As long as we don’t see anything in tie dye, we may actually consider rocking some Alexandra Burke underwear.