We know it can be difficult balancing a job, a new boyfriend and having to look good all the time but with the money that Alexandra Burke is earning, surely she can afford a stylist that isn’t an enemy of progress.

Alexandra had a very busy week launching her lip gloss line Lip Boom, shooting her new music video Let it Go and still avoiding being photographed with new boyfriend Jermain Defoe. But with all that going on, did she manage to impress us with her style choices?

Exhibit A:

On 11 April Alexandra Burke attended the launch party for her new lipgloss range at the Rose Club in Marylebone, London. She arrived on the red carpet  posing like the pop princess she is, in this colourful outfit.

The former X Factor contestant teamed a sci-fi-esque grey blazer with a silky bralet and sickly sweet pink jeans.

But we are not fans of the spiky show. And Alexandra chose to partake in one, instead of doing something someone wise would do, and opt for this business lady look without the health hazard, with this tailored blazer from Vero Moda. Alexandra paired her pink jeans with a pair of gold toe cap platform heels which may just be the only thing we like about the outfit.

Exhibit B:

Alexandra made a quick change at the launch into this ensemble which is probably even worse than her original outfit. Is Lime green toe polish peeping through strange mesh platforms ever a good look?

Alexandra took the dominatrix look to another level by wearing wet look leggings and a peplum dress on top of her black bralet. To get the peplum look right, and to bring in your hips, go for this sleek dress from Miss Selfridge.


Exhibit C:

Alexandra sure does love those bralets! This time she opts for a sequined gold one with tie dye leggings and heeled ankle boots. Remember when Alexandra wore that tie dye maxi dress to the GQ awards and looked stunning? Well this picture is a far cry from those happy days as the singer makes an epic fashion faux pas in these appalling leggings.

However Alexandra’s simple hair and make up is what saves her. Achieve a similar look with Enchantee lipgloss from MAC and tone down your eye make up to make your look as natural as possible.

Exhibit D:

It didn’t look good on Misha B, and it doesn’t look good on you. Unless you’re one of David Beckham’s many sons, fancy dress isn’t for you. Now we wont be so hard on Aburke because we know she wouldn’t dare to leave her house in this, but the fact that she’s led her thousands of fans to believe its OK.com to drown yourself in an American flag is so not cool.

We hope you’ve learnt your lesson Alexandra and remember: A mirror can be your best friend.