Footballer Ched Evans: found guilty of rape

North Wales Police have launched an investigation after the name of the rape victim of Sheffield United footballer Ched Evans was revealed on social networking site Twitter.

Investigators say the 19-year-old  victim, who has a right of lifetime anonymity had her name trending on Twitter just hours after Evans was found guilty of her rape.

This week a police spokesman said that arrests would be made in connection with her identity being revealed. Sky News may also be investigated by police after they broadcast several tweets that named the victim during its coverage of the response to Evans’ five-year sentence.

A spokesman from Sky News said:

In our coverage last night we very briefly revealed the victims name despite heavy redaction, and if watching in real-time viewers would not have noticed… We would, however, like to apologise to the victim and her family for any distress caused.

If  the anonymity of a victim of sexual assault is broken, fines of up to £5,000 can issued for publicising their name.

It is thought that those who revealed the victims name may be tried and punished harshly to set an example to deter others in future. This comes after Twitter has recently also disrupted legal proceedings with regards to the Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas super injunction case last year.