If you’re a woman you already know how absorbed guys can become in their games, however 21-year-old Aymen Korbi got so annoyed with his wife’s accusations that he was spending too much time on his PlayStation that he stabbed her in the back with a shard of glass.

Korbi was jailed for one year after attacking his 21-year-old wife Aida last November and was found guilty of grievous bodily harm by a jury at Croydon Crown Court.

The couple had argued violently about how much time Korbi was spending playing on his Playstation, and while Aida was in the middle of packing her things and leaving she was stabbed.

The court heard that Korbi had smashed a mirror and used a shard of glass to stab his wife, as she attempted to flee their home in Wallington, south London with their 18-month-old son.

Aida told the court that she had tried to call her mother before leaving but her husband snapped her sim card in half. She also said that she had intended to leave him after the argument over the PlayStation showed her he was ‘unable to change his ways’ and she couldn’t take it anymore.

Mr Halloes (defending Korbi) explained that apparently the couple’s relationship had deteriorated due to Aida’s jealousy over her husband having any contact with other women.

Moral of the story: you really shouldn’t come between a man and his games console.