Miquita Oliver was spotted out last night with her childhood friend Lily Allen looking like one of those people you cross the street to avoid.

The BFF’s were on their way to Conor Maynard’s show in Camden and it seems Miquita had a rummage in Lily’s unwanted clothes bin before she headed out.

The former T4 presenter filed for bankruptcy in November 2011 and even though her publicist says she has numerous projects in the pipeline both here and in the US, we’re pretty sure the only ‘project’ she’s working on is mapping all of the Oxfams in London.

Oliver, who started presenting when she was 16, is known for her quirky fashion sense and vintage threads. But clearly her bank balance won’t extend to designer shoes and fancy handbags anymore. The 27-year-old chose to wear skinnies with socks pulled over them, unglamorous New Balance trainers and neglected to run a comb through her hair. She’s not even carrying a handbag to keep the items she no longer owns. Hell, not even a rucksack.

The bubbly star owes more than £174k to HM Revenue & Customs and whilst we’re unsure whether they have seized any of her assets yet, it looks like Oliver has had to auction off some of her more expensive clothes in order to stay alive.

Miquita before she lost her moolah and started dressing like she didn't care

Well if Donald Trump recovered from bankruptcy then so can Miquita, we just hope that while she gets some cash together, she’s able to borrow some clothes from Lily.