Adele has made a whole lot of of moolah with her album sales. And apart from spending the money on some magic diet pills were sure she’s buying, the Rolling in the Deep singer is reportedly splashing out on a London home for £10 Million.

The 23-year-old star currently owns a house in Brighton but clearly that’s not enough for the multimillionaire as she has her eye on a plush pad in South Kensington and get this, she’s willing to pay in cash!

A source told the Mirror,

Adele is wisely investing her money, rather than just leaving it all in a bank. She has been after a West Sussex property since the tail end of last year. Now she has bagged her Brighton home, she is looking for somewhere in London. She was born and bred in London, and all her friends are there, so it’s understandable that she wants a home there. She is looking around the swanky Georgian and mid-Victorian pads in South Ken around the £10 million mark, and she wants to pay in cash.

Now from my experience the only people that pay millions for a house in cash are the type that say they work in ‘construction’, but Adele has earned her money so it’s only fair she goes crazy with it.

Oh and if you need someone to look after the place whilst you’re touring, you know where to find me.