After being turned away at the door of the first Jump Off show earlier this year, Wretch 32 made an appearance at the weekly event held at London’s Scala this Monday. And we’re pretty sure his behaviour last night will guarantee he is never on the wrong side of the door again.

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The Don’t Go rapper was on the V.I.P balcony alongside Chip, giving the two celebs a great view of the lovely ladies on stage shaking what their mamas gave them.

As if a good session of booty shaking wasn’t exciting enough, the rappers decided to reward the ladies for their efforts by tossing a handful of £50 notes onto the stage. The girls, clearly unfazed with money practically being hurled at them, continued their booty shaking and earned themselves over £800 from the cash collected on stage.

Although we’re in awe at the fact that Wretch and Chip decided to flash some cash at the event, we would say £800 is more making it drizzle than making it rain for two men who can clearly afford to throw away more than that. We haven’t forgotten that you spent over £20,000 on a bracelet Chip!

Check out the cash splashing in the video above.