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Most people that don’t like Beyonce songs are either faithful Rihanna stans or just plain old crazy, so when we came across D.Walker’s track Beyonce Song we had to have a listen to what we thought would be a song full of appraisal. How wrong we were.

Now we don’t know what Beyonce or her songs have done to D.Walker personally, but he seems to be very angry at them. The chorus to the track contains lyrics such as

When I turn on my radio all I hear is men don’t do this men don’t do that… when I turn on my radio all I hear is attitude… f*ck the Beyonce songs

It seems the north London artist believes that the American superstar’s songs have influenced young women to want men who drive fancy cars and have money and believes all their attitude is down to Beyonce and her evil songs.

Well we’re sure a lot of men will agree with the lyrics and the song is kinda catchy. However we cannot and will not get over the anti-Beyonce theme, so you’re in our bad books for now D.Walker!