Craig David has been rather quiet over the last few years, concentrating more on his muscles than his music. He has released a couple of songs here and there (most can be found on YouTube), but none of them seem to hark back to those glory years of UK RnB and garage. However, a recent tweet from him suggests that things may be seriously shaping up.

He tweeted to Canadian rapper Drake:

We’re very interested in knowing what this ‘lil’ something’ is. We imagine it must be a recorded verse or vocals of some kind but whatever it is, we hope that Drake likes it. A US/UK collabo would be fantastic and could you imagine if it was a garage tune as opposed to hip hop? Earlier this month Craig hinted that he wanted to bring back garage.

We hope Craig’s serious about coming back into the limelight and that this isn’t just a desperate ploy to grab the attention of a big name. That would be pretty sad.