Drake put on his best angry face last night as he was involved in a fight between his entourage and club security at London celeb hotspot Funky Buddah.

YOLO will have to take on a whole new meaning after the Canadian star became unhappy when there were problems on entering the Mayfair club. And everybody knows, if there’s one way to piss off celebs it’s to embarrass them by making entry into a venue as difficult as possible. An onlooker at the event told Pappzd

They wouldn’t let someone in that his DJ wanted in, and they wouldn’t let them stand in reception waiting for their drivers

Drake shows his 'Don't Mess With Me' Face

The club bouncers then got into an altercation in front of the door whilst a horrified Drake looked on. But it wasn’t long before the situation was settled and the HYFR rapper and his entourage were allowed to enter the club for their weekly Model Night Out.

We’re guessing Drake sang one of his soothing songs to calm everyone down because we know he wouldn’t want to get his pretty face all scuffed up by a bouncer.

So what should YOLO stand for following this? We’ve come up with a rather lame You’ve Outstayed London Occasion but we’re sure you can do better.

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