We all know that Jammer is passionate about the grime scene and the part he plays in it, which can often lead to shots being fired over Twitter when people don’t share his opinion. It’s what we’ve decided to call ‘The Wiley Effect’ (for reasons that we hope are clear).

His latest victim is Kozzie, whose recent freestyle, seems to have rubbed Jammer up the wrong way, particularly the lyric “My manager is your manager’s manager”, which apparently is referring to Brummie MC Sox being managed by Jammer and therefore implying that Jammer is managed by Kozzie’s manager Sam from Boy Better Know.

However, Jammer claims that both he and Sam manage Kozzie and has now turned on the MC saying that he wouldn’t be where he is without Jammer’s help (in so many words).

It all started when Trilla tweeted the oh so offensive bar:

Yet according to Kozzie, Jammer had originally been fine with it:

Jammer then decided to ban Kozzie from coming on set with him again…

…and decided to set the record straight, saying that no-one has ever managed him (and in comes The Wiley Effect):

Kozzie on the other hand barely tweeted back, but he did have this to say:

The moral of this story: If you want to avoid being in Jammer’s bad books, don’t ever say he has a manager.