Last week the world was in shock (well not really but we tried to pretend we were) by the revelation that footballer Jermain Defoe had allegedly cheated on his girlfriend and singer Alexandra Burke with Geordie model Laura Brown.

Defoe justified his bed hopping antics by claiming that his and Alex’s relationship was still in its ‘early days’ when he ‘smuggled’ the 23-year-old model into his hotel room. Since Brown’s kiss-and-tell story hit the tabloids, Alexandra and Jermain have been keeping themselves out of the press but sources says that the pair have come together to talk their relationship through and maybe even reconcile. A source told the Sun:

They haven’t split, they are just deciding what to do… Alexandra doesn’t want more girls coming out of the woodwork and she asked Jermain if there are any more secrets he’s hiding… They get on so well, she’s annoyed he’s mucked things up. Jermain has some serious apologising to do.

According to the Sun, the Spurs player turned up on Alex’s door step to apologise after football training with nothing but his sweaty self. Yes I know flowers can’t make up for cheating on his girlfriend with a Z-list model but come on! At least try.

Alexandra before taking Defoe back just remember, fool me once shame on you- fool me twice shame on me. You don’t want to end up looking like a berk (see what we did there?).