Oh no, it looks like another footballer has been accused of cheating on his girlfriend with a model, we really didn’t see that one coming *excuse the sarcasm.* Apparently  Tottenham Hotspur player Jermain Defoe has been putting his footballs in the wrong goal and cheated on his girlfriend and singer Alexandra Burke with 23-year-old model/nursing assistant Laura Brown from Newcastle.

Laura Brown

Brown revealed to The Sun how she got friendly with Defoe after meeting him twice previously and becoming friends on Facebook, before he smuggled her into his hotel room when he was visiting Newcastle where the two ended up having sex. She said

 I’m not going to lie – we did have sex… I never planned on sleeping with him, it just happened. He texted me and said. ‘I’m in your home town.’ He told me he wanted to see me and messaged his room number.

We chatted for a while then started cuddling and talked about watching a film. But as we lay on the bed he started rubbing his hands on me and we ended up having sex. The next day I felt dreadful about it. I’d asked him about Alexandra Burke and he told me it was ‘early days’.

So let me get this straight, a footballer SMUGGLES you into his hotel room in the middle of the night and you honestly think that all you’re going to do is stay up and watch films? Yeah right love. On the plus side Brown did acknowledge how stupid her decision was saying

You can see girls in Newcastle clubs week after week with different footballers and I think, ‘You are so stupid’. Now I’m the stupid one.

Guess she’s not so deluded after all.

Meanwhile Alexandra Burke hasn’t commented on the situation yet, instead tweeting ‘Wine helps’ and ‘Wine who? #ChangingItUp #StrawberryCaipirinha’ leaving many wondering if she’s dealing with these rumours by drowning her sorrows in alcohol.

As for Jermain? We can’t wait to hear what sorry excuse he has up his sleeve. Till then *raises wine glass with Burke*.