She’s split the nation with her ridiculously popular songs, outspoken nature and animated dress sense and in some ways pop sensation Jessie J could be compared to Marmite. But recent reports have shown that all this limelight may be starting to get too much for the young star.

The Daily Star quoted a source on Saturday as saying:

Jessie has a history of medical issues and needs to be monitored. She works incredibly hard not only on The Voice but also promoting her album around the world. Add that to the gruelling touring, personal appearances and recording and it would be a lot for anyone to take.

However the Price Tag singer hit back at the claims on Twitter yesterday saying that the media shouldn’t joke about her health

My health is a very important part of my life and I don’t take lightly to the media making a joke about it… For everyone saying ignore it. No I won’t. We have to stand up for what we believe in. The media should not be allowed to write untrue articles. If no one ever says anything, it will NEVER change.

Shame on you Daily Star, you’ve just landed yourself in Jessie’s bad books.