All was not well in the Twittersphere last night as Johnny Gunz fired a few cyber shots at Sneakbo.  The rapper tweeted:

Followed by:

Referring to Sneakbo’s lyrics in his song On My Mind where he says ‘I got my mind on a yatti, skin colour yellow like patti…’ But Johnny Gunz didn’t stop there and carried on.

However the ‘beef’ didn’t last very long as Johnny Gunz ended it by saying it was a bit of ‘banter.’ *side eye*

Sneakbo didn’t directly reply, he did however tweet


We’re not sure why Johnny Gunz’ sudden outburst happened, but we have a feeling it has a little something to do with Drake and his love for Sneakbo. Although the YMCMB artist did also acknowledge Johnny Gunz, it’s clear that Sneakbo or ‘Sneaky’ as he calls him is his favourite.