K Koke hasn’t had the smoothest career path, after spending some of his time signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in jail for attempted murder (a charge which was later dropped), but this doesn’t seem to have affected how good he thinks he is.

The rapper implied on Twitter that he is still someone to watch out for on the music scene and apparently puts it down to just being himself.

In the early hours of Thursday morning he tweeted:

Surely he would be better off tweeting this once he’s released some new music worth getting comfortable over?

The north west London star went on to say that money changes everyone, clearly demonstrating that it has had an effect on him by claiming he is ‘gassed’ off himself:


We’re all for confidence, but this sounds a bit more like cockiness to us. However, we suppose we can let him off since he admitted he isn’t perfect, which is an alien concept to some of these celebs.