After hearing that Gary, Tulisa and Louis will all be returning as judges on The X Factor later this year, we’ve all started to wonder who will be taking the last place.

And now reports have confirmed that Kelly Rowland does want to be a part of the panel again, but only if she’s offered more money for it.

And luckily for the American star her paycheck may be tripled. After learning that Gary Barlow will be paid close to £2 million for the new series, Kelly decided she also wants in and is apparently asking for her £500,000 salary to be tripled if she joins the show once again.

Nobody can deny that Kelly did prove a popular judge during the last series, though it all depends on whether ITV can afford the high maintenance singer.

Producers Thames TV and Syco insist they will not be forced into offering her a “truckload of money”, saying

There is not a truckload of money sitting here to just hand out to people. Whatever we pay is a good salary and something they would struggle to get on any other TV show.

Well, all we can say is that if you want Ms Rowland then you’d better start emptying your pockets!