We’ve seen them in LA, Miami and New York but now it seems that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are targeting London.

The Kardashian siblings and their mother Kris Jenner have reportedly signed on for the UK series which is expected to air later on this year.

A source told the Mirror

The Kardashians love England and think they could get up to a lot of fun and trouble with a summer in London. It would make great TV as well as boosting their profile internationally.

Kourtney and Kim are planning on making the streets of London their runway

Currently the family are reportedly meeting with West End night clubs whilst getting permits to allow them to record within the city. And we are getting our film crew prepared to follow their every move.

Hopefully the British version of the show will feature Kim and Kanye’s relationship because face it, a lot of us really want to know what they do in their private time.