Lewis Hamilton may seem like the kind of guy who wouldn’t say boo to a goose but sources have revealed that the baby faced Formula One driver isn’t very pleased with the fact that his girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, will be working alongside serial womaniser Simon Cowell. Hamilton has allegedly told Nicole not to work with the Music Mogul and it’s easy to understand why.

Lewis’ upset comes after the release of Cowell’s tell-all book, Sweet Revenge, which reveals all about his past relationships with a string of women and his trouser snake ways with colleagues. A source told More magazine:

I  believe Lewis has put it out there very plainly: he would prefer Nicole to not work with Simon anymore… The guy has been portrayed as  pretty sleazy recently and Lewis is bound to be a little uncomfortable with that

Though friends of Hamilton have defended the 27-year-old saying:

Simon’s always been very complimentary of Nicole. They respect each other and Lewis and Simon get on well.

Hmm we’re not sure. Hamilton already blamed Cowell for the breakdown in the couples relationship last year and Nicole does have traits of Simon’s ex’s Terri Seymour and almost-made-it-down-the-Cowell-Aisle Mezhgan Hussainy… Don’t you think?