Standing by her man :Rafaella Fico pictured with Balotelli after the news broke

Mario Balotelli has opened up about a fling he had with a prostitute to his adopted parents and girlfriend Rafaella Fico.

Jennifer Thompson has a rep for bedding footballers

The Manchester City player admitted that he’d had sex with former escort Jennifer Thompson, who’s been previously linked to Wayne Rooney, twice behind his girlfriend’s back. But the controversial player chose to come clean after he found out the story was about to break and speaking to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport he said:

Let me be clear … I prefer to take responsibility… I know I must still learn to keep my private life separate from my profession. It’s not easy, but I have taken this step to free me from the weight of this story. Recently, I admit, I have been troubled – because of this story, but not only. My natural parents in some interviews have been disrespectful to my family

The Italian paper says Balotelli told his family about the fling when they came to visit him last weekend in Manchester and it has been claimed that Balotelli had an affair with Thompson in February, two days before scoring against Blackburn Rovers and revealing a T-shirt that read ‘Raffaella Ti Amo’ (Raffaella I love you).

First a porn star now a prostitute? Well at least he’s being honest about it. Can’t say the same for other footballers *coughs* Ashley Cole *coughs*.