We’re struggling to keep up with how many women Mario Balotelli has been caught with and since claims of him cheating are just as frequent as April showers at the moment, we weren’t too surprised to hear that he’s now apparently had a secret lover for the last two years.

Mario has been dating his alleged undercover lover Kloe Evans since 2010 and the pair were spotted together in Manchester earlier this week, dining at Zouk Tea Bar & Grill.

A source told The People:

He asked for her number then bombarded her with texts and calls. He even gave her two dogs, so before long she thought it was a serious relationship. She stayed over at his luxury apartment loads – it was almost as though she was living with him.

Maybe the dogs were a gift to keep her company on all those nights he was staying with his other girls  otherwise occupied.

Kloe and Mario’s two year relationship was off and on due to a number of stories of him seeing other women (shock). Back in January 2011, the Manchester City star was linked to Big Brother’s Sophie Reade, even though Kloe was apparently still on the scene. Later Sophie accused the striker of cheating on her with her best friend Faye Evette.

One to keep sexual encounters amongst friends it seems, Kloe was said to have been ‘furious’ when she found out Mario had slept with her friend, escort Jenny Thompson, who she she met when they worked together at the same nightclub.

However, Mario poured his heart out to Kloe recently, which led to them meeting for dinner last week.

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old’s latest (public) girlfriend and super hot model Rafaella Fico is reportedly ‘in pieces’ over this new allegation, but admitted she would still marry Mario if he proposed.

She told Sportweek:

We are both very busy and very young. But if he asked me to marry him I would accept. I, like him, dream of a family.

When will these girls learn?!