A witness to the police shooting which killed Mark Duggan last autumn and sparked the worst civil unrest seen in England for a generation has emerged with video recorded just moments after the incident took place.

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The witness, who claims to have seen the actual shooting and wishes to remain anonymous, has provided his footage to the BBC who broadcast two minutes of it during a BBC One news bulletin on 26 April.

The video clearly shows paramedics tending a person on the ground while another man, believed to be a plain clothed policeman, walks around a fence and is seen bending over near the same spot where a gun alleged to belong to Duggan was later found in a sock.

Neither Duggan’s fingerprints, blood nor DNA was ever found on the firearm. It has been suggested by some that this officer may have planted the gun at the scene. A voice artist, speaking for the witness, says

They blocked him in, they blocked him in. He jumped out, and then he was taken out; [they] shot him. Cos I heard them shout at him, yeah, ‘Put it down, put it down!’

The report goes on to add that Mark Duggan sent a message from his BlackBerry saying

The feds are following me.

The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) has requested access to the entire footage and have asked the witness to come forward. It is understood that their report into the incident is due later this year.