Mike Skinner has brought his record label back after signing London duo Man Like Me and falling in love with their music.

The Birmingham native killed off his label The Beats back in December 2007 (he even held a funeral for it!) , claiming that the ‘traditional record label is dead’ and that he wanted to focus more on embracing the next generation and what could be done online.

However, Man Like Me seem to have made him re-think that funeral.

This being one of his first projects since The Streets, Skinner insisted on producing and mixing the band’s upcoming album, including new track Squeeze (out on 28 May) and a re-worked version of their previous single London Town and releasing it on his old label. But if you’re still struggling to recall any songs by Man Like Me, they’re probably best known for their cover of Jona Lewie’s You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties, which was featured in an Ikea advert.

Artists that were signed to The Beats back in the day include The Mitchel Brothers, Example and Professor Green.

Skinner is also working on a project with The D.O.T and the pair have collaborated with Elro, an MC who caught Skinner’s attention after appearing on SB.TV, for the single Bad News which is out now on iTunes and has been released on The Beats too.