Millie and Hope Katana may be known for playing everyone’s favorite troublesome twins Shona and Rhona Mansfield on BBC One drama series Waterlooo Road, but the pair revealed in an exclusive interview with Pappzd that they’re nothing like their gobby alter egos.

 A lot of people come up to us saying ‘Oh my god, I thought you were going to be stoosh… it’s surprising because we’re actually really nice people…

Millie continued:

 If people did say that we were like our characters we would actually be hurt.

While the twins try their best to keep away from their on-screen stereotype, the ambitious soul singers revealed that there was nothing keeping them from the recording studio in a recent trip to New York  to work on some new material apart from one slight distraction. Man Candy.

It was amazing we felt like Kardashian sisters, there were beautiful boys everywhere, American boys are just hot… Everywhere you looked there were just hot guys… we would definitely move there.

But before you start thinking that there is nothing keeping the Katana sisters from jetting off to the States to sell their first million, they did reveal a slight eye for Tottenham rapper Chip (the artist formerly known as Chipmunk),

When we say his name we’ve got to giggle a little but we rate him highly, he’s done so well… we would love to work with Craig David too, Hope loves Craig David, the guy is a mountain! He’s so big!

Now that the pair have ditched the school uniforms and picked up their mics, it’s not going to be long before we see this feisty twosome causing trouble in the charts.