We’re still on the hunt for that hideous jumpsuit factory where Jessie J gets her stage outfits made, but it looks like the Price Tag singer has passed on her style tips to Misha B and Alexandra Burke. Oh no!

Personally I can’t see the appeal of this stars and stripes jumpsuit, I mean I would wear it around the house but there’s no way I’d allow someone to photograph me in it. Misha B has been on a slippery downward style slope since her X Factor exit and we really don’t want to see her fall off the edge. By pairing her jumpsuit with an unflattering black top which strangles her neckline, a red gilet and manly patent Dr. Martens boots, Misha looked ridiculous as she walked around Manchester City Centre in February this year.

Alexandra posted her photo in the same horrendous jumpsuit on Instagram this week whilst she was behind the scenes filming for her new video Let it Go. Now having seen a sneak peek of the outfit she wore for that video, this onesie would actually be an improvement, but that doesn’t excuse it. At least Alexandra only wore the jumpsuit for comfort purposes and the comical finger pointing at herself reassures us that she realises her outfit is very wrong.

Pappzd Verdict: Misha B Wore it Worst