Misha B’s unique style has been the talk of the office ever since her cleverly crafted outfits on the X Factor last year, but without the help of the fantastic styling team, it seems Misha has become a little lost to say the least.

The Mancunian star tweeted this picture of herself at the bank earlier today, clearly trying to get people to ask ‘Are you the girl off the X Factor?’ She wore a classic Adidas cap over her gorgeous curly ‘fro, which was probably the only thing we could give Misha a 10/10 on today.

Her Adidas leggings and red Dr. Martens boots made her look like she should be cycling around town on one of those clown bikes and we’re pretty sure she’s trying to send subliminal messages to the US, as she keeps covering herself in stars and stripes.

We love that Misha has a strong individual style but it might be time for her to slip into something that we can be jealous of.