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You may have heard of a small, quiet social gathering occurring in the late hours of some weekends that goes by the name of a ‘Tim Westwood rave’. Excuse the sarcasm.

So whilst the PappzD team were flicking through some of the photos and vids, playing a game of  ‘oh, wait that guy went to my college’, we stumbled across some footage that looks like none other than former X Factor contestant Misha B shaking a leg 3.23 seconds in, at the Manchester leg of a notorious Westwood rave that took place last year.

The clip was uploaded in August 2011 before the popular ITV show was aired and as surprised as we were to see Misha at a Westwood rave, at least there are no scenes of her doing a Rita and taking her clothes off. Unless Simon Cowell got rid of any incriminating evidence before she became a contestant.

Anyway enough chit chat, we’re sure you’re dying to watch the vid.