A court has heard that a wannabe model used stolen credit card details to pay for £6,000 worth of liposuction and lip boosters in order to improve her image for her career.

23-year-old Faleigh Cooper visited a top clinic in central London’s Wimpole Street last year and after leaving a deposit of £500 for the treatment, proceeded to pay the rest off over the phone using both legitimate and stolen bank cards.

Prosecuting Bartholomew O’Toole said:

She was or is planning to do some modelling, which no doubt meant that her appearance was important to her.

She initially paid a £500 deposit, and then made the rest of the payments using credit cards, mostly or indeed exclusively on the phone. A number of payments were made lawfully, and the crown say that the sum of £5,250 was made unlawfully without the authorisation of the card owners William Churchill and Constance Logan.

Cooper also had the help of a man known only as ‘Aaron’, who she was apparently seeing at the time.

O’Toole said:

When asked about Aaron she said that she was seeing him, but he was not her boyfriend, and she had met him less than 20 times after meeting him in a club. She did not remember which club, know his surname or where he lived. She said that she thought they were Aaron’s [credit] cards 100 per cent, and that she was desperate for the operation.

Perhaps more surprising than the fact that she can’t remember the full name of the man she was seeing, is that Cooper claims her arm was burnt during her liposuction surgery and is thinking of taking the clinic to court.

Cooper denies four counts of fraud and the trial continues.