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Mz. Bratt has revealed in an interview with Amaru Don TV that growing up she was subject to racial verbal and physical abuse. When asked if she experienced racism growing up the Teardrop rapper said:

Where I grew up it was a predominantly white area and it was the area of the NF, the National Front, so I used to get called p**i and all these awful names and I used to get beaten up and stuff…

She also revealed that the experience was a life lesson saying

… I wouldn’t change it for the world I’m glad those things happened because it made me a tougher person and I’ve got really thick skin now. If someone wants to ever call me a p**i now I wouldn’t be like ‘what did you say’ I’d just be like ‘aight cool you’re just simple minded’.

 Mz. Bratt also talks about other deep issues such as growing up in a household where domestic violence occurred and relationships. Check out the full interview above.