Fazer has revealed that he and Dappy had planned to record a joint album similar to that of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne before Dappy started releasing his solo material.

Tulisa’s ex told BANG Showbiz:

We were thinking of doing a whole album together just like Jay-Z and Kanye. We were thinking about it before Daps even recorded his solo stuff but it never happened. We might come back to it again, it would be a great project.

So it would basically be N-Dubz without Tulisa?

He then went on to say that despite popular belief that the group have split and are happier working separately, they plan to re-unite next year better than ever. So the N-Dublets can breathe a sigh of relief.

N-Dubz are definitely still coming back in 2013 for another album and a tour and we’re going to absolutely kill it, don’t worry about that. We are definitely not finished.We are all doing solo albums at the moment but we are staggering them so we don’t have to go up against each other. When we come back together next year we are going to bring our three solo fan bases together and take on the world. It will be a triple threat!

Fazer’s first single is set to be released in October and we don’t know about you but this is the group member whose solo material we’re most interested to hear.