Despite being in L.A at the moment, the fact that BBC3 were showing Kidulthood for what seems like the hundredth time on Saturday night didn’t escape Noel Clarke’s attention. In fact, he still appears to have things he needs to get off his chest about the film and a few more subliminal shots to fire at Adam Deacon, whose friendship with him ended ever since Adam claimed Noel refused to support his success after they finished working together.

The 36-year-old, who wrote the hit film as well as starred in it, revealed that he had based it on himself and his friends.

He tweeted:

Noel went on to admit that he thought Aml Ameen and Red Madrell gave the best performances in Kidulthood, failing to mention anything about the role Adam Deacon played.

Shot number one:

He then adopted a more possessive tone and claimed that other people may take credit for the film, but it was something he initially created. No prizes for guessing which ‘people’ he is talking about.

Shot number two:

Most surprising of all however, was Noel announcing that he wouldn’t have written Kidulthood if he knew all the beef grief it would cause:

It looks like the feud has gotten to Noel more than he is letting on. But we think it’s about time he and Adam went from Kidulthood to Adulthood and made up.