Sexy, smart and a self-confessed economics geek, Philomena Kwao is on her way to becoming Britian’s first black, plus size supermodel after winning a nationwide search for the new face of high street chain Evans.

The 22-year-old of Ghanaian descent graduated from Bristol University, bagging a first class degree in Economics and is now studying for an MSc in International Health management at Imperial College London. And as if her CV wasn’t impressive enough, the size 16 beauty now has a contract with prestigious modelling agency Models 1 who have seen the likes of Linda Evangelista, Claudia Shiffer and Naomi Campbell in their books. But Kwao sees herself as an ambassador and not just a pretty face. She told the Daily Mail:

I also want to be a figurehead for young girls today who sometimes may become disillusioned by ‘the glamorous lifestyle… I want to show them that you can really do it all if you try; that is to pursue your dreams, whatever they maybe and get an education. Your education doesn’t have to suffer!… I also want to help spread the message that there is beauty in everything: every shape, colour, size, and height … whatever. We are all beautiful.’

Wow! For a second we thought we were reading a Miss World speech. Kwao seems like the perfect role model (excuse the pun). Let’s just hope she doesn’t start lobbing Blackberries at people.