The police have left hundreds of people enraged after cancelling the OMA’s (Official Mixtape Awards) hours before the show was set to take place today in Watford, Hertfordshire.

The annual event was due to hold its third award show to actively recognise, promote and celebrate UK mixtapes and with two years of successful events the decision from the Metropolitan Police and Hertfordshire Thames Valley Police to cancel the event has left organisers and attendees baffled.

According to the Official Mixtape Awards organisers, the police claimed that the awards would attract a bad crowd and labelled the nominees as ‘criminals’. These comments have been met with outrage from the public as planned guests included those with high reputations in the music industry as well as music channel powerhouses such as SB.TV, Link Up TV, and Grime Daily.

However, speaking to Pappzd the Hertfordshire Police said the reason for the cancellation of the awards is as follows:

 Police have been in liaison with the licensee of the Colosseum in Watford following notification about an event being planned at the venue on Friday, April 5. The decision was made by the licensee to cancel the event – a decision supported by police.


Police had not been given adequate notification of the event, which had in excess of 700 tickets sold, in order to put in place adequate resources to deal with this additional number of people visiting the town. Anyone who was planning to attend is asked to make alternative arrangements.

According to the police the cancellation was due to the fact that they were notified about the event at such short notice, which meant that they could not get the extra amount of police necessary  for the extra number of people who would’ve been in Hertfordshire tonight.

Both sides of the story seem to conflict with one another-which one do you believe?