We all know that rappers don’t take too kindly to their egos being slightly battered and bruised and it seems like Hackney rapper Professor Green may have a little anger problem when it comes to rap battles.

The 28-year-old star admitted that his pet hate is when he’s asked to freestyle on the spot or compete in rap battles. When asked if anyone could challenge him in a battle he replied:

Not unless they wanted a punch in the face.

Ooh Touchy? Sounds a little over the top coming from someone who rose to fame following various rap battles. The Read all About it rapper continued:

If they asked politely I’d politely tell them to f*ck off. Every time I do a radio or TV interview, they’re like, ‘You used to freestyle – so go on then… I’m not a monkey with a box full of 50 pence pieces.If you saw [former racing driver] Nigel Mansell you wouldn’t say, ‘give us a quick lap’. It’s a bit of a wind up.

Well at least now we know how to annoy Professor Green in the future.