The teenager who killed pensioner Richard Mannington Bowes during the London riots in 2011 has been jailed for eight years.

Darrell Desuze, who was 16 at the time, punched the 68-year-old in Ealing, west London as he stepped outside his house to put out a fire. Mr. Bowes suffered brain damage from falling to the floor after the punch, which led to his death three days later.

Darrell’s mother cut up the clothes he was wearing on the night and dumped them in a bin.The single mother was trying to protect her son after seeing CCTV footage of him on the news.

Mr Justice John Saunders said of Desuze,

I accept the instinct of a mother to protect her child is a very powerful one. If she had felt able to admit what she had done, it would have made it easier to be lenient. Instead she continued to deny committing any offence and, on the verdict of the jury, lied on oath.

The court also heard of how Darrell was captured on CCTV looting and was amongst those seen setting shops and bins alight.

Darrell of Hounlow has been given an eight year sentence whilst his 31-year-old mother Lavinia, who raised him as a single parent after giving birth to him at the age of 14, will serve 18 months.