Despite being caught in a lover’s tiff with Rob Kardashian last month, Rita Ora hasn’t let it stop her getting her flirt on with a few other famous men. She recently showered Tinie Tempah with compliments on the set of the video for their new single R.I.P and now Drake admits that the Roc Nation star gave him a very special ring.

There’s been some speculation that Drizzy is now married after he was spotted wearing what looked like a wedding ring. But the Y.O.L.O rapper has revealed that it was given to him by Rita and they are nothing more than friends. We’ve heard that one before.

He told Kiss FM:

One of the greatest gifts I ever received in my whole life – I wear it every day – is this ring right here… They tried to talk about this ring the other day and say I got married to somebody, which I didn’t. Rita actually gave me this ring. We’re dear friends.

The pair are so close in fact that the rapper went on to say he would do anything for the Kosovan songstress, which is why he let Rita record R.I.P (a song Drake originally wrote for Rihanna).

Rihanna actually didn’t take the song. I think it was for [Loud] and Rita expressed interest in it and anything I can do for Rita, I will do.

With all these attractive (and famous) ‘good friends’ around, Rita really seems like a girl we want to be making friends with. Especially if she’s still buying jewellery for people.