We don’t think Rob Kardashian will be too pleased to hear about this, but according to The Sun Rita Ora and Canadian rapper Drake were caught kissing backstage at his Newcastle concert this week, where Rita was the opening act.

A source told The Sun:

Rita and Drake have been good friends for a while now but things seemed more serious this week. They were all over each other backstage at the gig on Monday and weren’t trying to hide it.

The two have previously denied any claims that they are more than just friends, even after the R.I.P singer gave Drake a ring  which he described as one of the greatest gifts he’s ever received in his whole life and that he wears on his wedding ring finger.

Rita has been romantically linked to the likes of Rob Kardashian, but we guess spending time with Drake has made her forget all about him. Yikes! Although Rita is a far cry from the women that Drake is usually linked to (strippers and video models) we do think the two would look good together.