An 11 year old school boy was escorted off a bus in Barking after forgetting his Oyster card on the way to a school charity fancy dress up day.

Micheal Fadina of Esssex was pulled off the bus by police after committing what is apparently a major crime nowadays, leaving the 11-year-old in tears. To add to the young boy’s embarrassment an £80 fine was issued to the disgust of his mother Marissa who has urged TfL to overturn their decision stating that her son made a simple mistake by forgetting his Oyster which is usually kept in his school uniform. Fadina had dressed up to raise money for the school fundraiser on Red Nose Day but TfL refused saying he should have had his Oyster.

His mother said

Marcus came home crying. The poor boy was very distressed. They had police officers and PCSOs. He got very scared because he thought they were going to arrest him.

Ms Fadina lodged an appeal on 26 March but it was rejected and TfL issued a statement saying

Young people are only permitted to travel for free if they are in possession of a valid Zip Oyster photocard. Otherwise, they must pay the correct fare.

What a bunch of meanies!