Pictures have been released of 18-year-old Shanice Paris-Goff who plunged to her death from a 17th storey window in a Woolwich tower block on Monday morning.

The pretty teen fell after two officers came to arrest her for a breach of parole at 9.30am but within minutes of entering the property,Shanice’s life was cut short. Her body was recovered on a bank of grass behind the block of flats and so far neither the MET or her family have released specific details as to what exactly happened on that morning.

The tower block where Shanice plunged to her death

Met Borough Commander David Zinzan said

The facts as we know them are shortly before 9.30am, two plain-clothed officers from Bromley police station came to Hastings House for routine arrest inquiries in connection with a young lady who was wanted by the Met for recall to prison for robbery offences.They were allowed into the premises and our initial investigations show that she was in a room on her own when tragically she fell to her death from the 17th floor

Neighbours spoke of being woken by her screaming ‘Get off me, let me go’ shortly before her death.

A body being carried away from the scene

Mr Zinzan said the tragic teen was released from prison on licence after serving part of her sentence for three street robberies in London committed in 2009. He added that the two police officers who entered the property were left “traumatised” by what was an “awful experience for them”.

Scotland Yard confirmed that officers were not in the room when she fell from the window.