Ever wanted proof that miracles happen? Well look no further. Shardinay ‘Oh Boy’ King has had a drastic makeover going from the girl you would never take home, to the one you would never let leave, and we must say we are loving it!  Let’s take a closer look and see what exactly has changed about Shardinay.

New makeup and hair

Shardinay’s ditched the over-dramatic smokey eye look  and has gone for a more subtle look, and by subtle we mean her eyeshadow is where it should be- on her eyelids. The transition from blonde to black hair definitely gives her a classier look, and we love the fact that she made use of a pair of nail cutters and trimmed her nails down to a shorter, less claw-like length.

New Wardrobe

Yes! Yes! and Yes! Shardinay got rid of her basic wardrobe and upgraded her style 100%. New York tank top with matching shorts for a photoshoot? Come on Shardinay this isn’t 1995, nor is it a slumber party. Thankfully her new makeover has seen her trade her New York gear for some pretty dresses, and is that a little cleavage we see? Very nice.

Classier Poses

Last but certainly not least is the improvement in Shardinay’s photo poses. She’s gone from bending over on the toilet-eque poses to sexy little minx, and we really and truly hope she sticks to it. And check the upgrade in her shoe game, from Aunty Sally’s silver foiled church stilettos to cute leopard print heels that even I would wear. If Shardinay keeps this makeover up we may see her rocking Louboutins next!

We don’t who inspired Shardinay to go ahead and change her style, but whoever’s responsible for this transformation deserves some sort of Noble Prize.