Simon Cowell is definitely starting to get a reputation as a man who is more interested in hiring women for their looks rather than their judging capabilities. His recent unauthorised biography proved that not only did he have a fling with Dannii Minogue during their time on X Factor together, but he also had the hots for Cheryl too. And now he’s after Alesha.

According to Heat magazine, Simon is attracted to the ex Strictly Come Dancing star and that’s the reason he stole her encouraged her to be a part of his Britain’s Got Talent judging panel.

A ‘friend’ told Heat:

Simon thinks she’s beautiful. He’s always complimenting her hair, and her hands. As soon as he saw her on Strictly he knew he wanted her for BGT, and he even sent her 20 white roses to charm her.

Apparently, Mr Cowell is attracted to divorcees as the ‘friend’ continued:

Since they’ve been working together Simon’s become even more keen. He’s really turned on by feisty, gutsy women. Like Cheryl (Cole), Alesha bounced back from a painful divorce and Simon thinks she’s really something.

Somehow we don’t think Alesha will be letting Simon and his high trousers see her talent anywhere other than on TV like the rest of us.