We all know Simon Cowell isn’t short of advice to give to his artists and Labrinth has revealed that the straight talking X Factor judge has shared a few wise words with him about bedroom behaviour.

Speaking on being signed to Simon’s label SyCo, the Earthquake star told The Sun:

The best advice Simon has ever given me is, ‘Don’t sleep with a woman you don’t want to have a child with’.

Now we’re not sure how well Labrinth has followed this advice, but we would like to know whether Mr Cowell practices what he preaches, (did he really want to have a child with Sinitta?!).

The east London singer and producer went on to say that although him and his label boss seem pretty close (sex talk counts as bonding right?), Simon is yet to visit the restaurant that Labrinth bought following his success with Pass Out.

Simon hasn’t been to the restaurant though — I think he’s scared women would tear his clothes off.

Somehow we think his clothes will be just fine.