His name is Bobii Lewis and he is a 20-year-old  singer / songwriter / rapper/ producer (is that like a quadruple threat!?) currently causing a storm on the UK urban music scene. Simon Cowell’s ex Sinitta described him as ‘incredible‘.

Bobii Lewis started off singing gospel tunes from the age of 11 but has since ditched the choirboy image for a more grown-up RnB one with songs such as Loving containing lyrics that would make any pastor blush.

The northeast Londoner has already performed at various live events in the UK such as The Sunday Show, Flavour Mag Live, Something For Sundays, Sunday Night Live and The Cosy Show, building up a solid fanbase on the underground scene for upcoming artists.

Currently, Bobii Lewis is working on building a portfolio of songs that will include collaborations with British and internationally accredited song writers and producers. The multifaceted young man will also be writing and producing original songs himself, while occasionally teaming up with E Fabz.

His Invasion mixtape contains a series of original and cover songs which show off all his talent and leave us wanting more! With his outstanding red hair and voice, he is definitely going to give Ed Sheeran a run for his money.