South London’s GAS Gang were featured on Monday night’s episode of BBC Three’s Our Crime.

Many people were shocked to see upcoming rapper Sneakbo appear in a video on the show, and although the BBC did attempt to blur his face he was still noticeable, thus exposing his gang affiliation to the nationwide audience.

But who exactly are GAS Gang? When did the gang form, and how many crimes have they committed? Pappzd Magazine takes a look at the documented information about the gang.

Who are GAS gang?

Gas Gang, short for Guns and Shanks, is a south London gang who formed in 2007 and fight to secure their place in the lucrative drugs market. The gang is formed of successors of two other gangs, Tiny OC and Y.28s, and is currently the most dominant territorial youth gang located in Brixton.

History of Murder

GAS gang first received media attention back in 2009 when they allegedly attempted to kidnap a 13-year-old boy in Camberwell, but ended up stabbing him five times instead. The boy survived.

Zac Olumegbon was stabbed to death by GAS gang members

On 02 July 2010 15-year-old Zac Olumegbon was stabbed to death by members of GAS gang as part of a revenge attack. A month earlier a member of GAS gang had been stabbed by rival gang TN1 (Trust No-One) and Zac was present during the stabbing.

The student was chased by four members of the gang Kyle Kinghorn, 18, and 17-year-olds Helder Demorais, Jamal Moore and Ricardo Giddings while 16-year-old Shaquille Haughton was the getaway driver.

They chased Zac into a garden near his school in South Norwood and stabbed him in the heart, neck and buttock, leaving him to die. The four youths were charged with murder in December 2011 with a combined jail time of 76 years.

Victim Sylvester Akapalara (left), Murderer Sodiq Adeojo (right)

In December 2010 17-year-old Sylvester Akapalara, a promising athlete, was shot dead in Peckham by Sodiq Adeojo. Adeojo was a member of a gang looking for rival gang members on the Pelican estate in Peckham when he came across Akapalara and his friends.

Akapalara was shot dead, and his two friends were stabbed. It is claimed that while Sodiq Adeojo and his friends were chasing Sylvester, they shouted out ‘GAS Gang.’ Adeojo was jailed for life in December 2011.

Temidayo Ogunneye (left)

In May 2011 15-year-old Temidayo Ogunneye was stabbed to death after confronting three GAS gang members who had stolen his Blackberry. Temidayo had been robbed of his phone and decided to find the people who had mugged him with some friends.

Once they had found the muggers on Calais Gate estate in Camberwell, south London, a scuffle occurred resulting in Temidayo being stabbed in his stomach, wounds from which he later died in Kings College Hospital. Ogunneye’s murderer, 16-year-old Nathan McLeod, was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years in prison on 14 March 2012.

Thusha Kamaleswaran

Five-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran and 35-year-old Roshan Selvakumar are the most recent victims of GAS gang. Thusha was shot in the chest after Nathaniel Grant, Kazeem Kolawole and Anthony McCalla opened fire at Stockwell Food and Wine shop last year.

The three men were aiming for rival gang member Roshaun Bryan, but instead shot Roshan Selvakumar and Thusha. Mr. Selvakumar survived with a piece of the bullet remaining in his head, and Thusha is now paralysed from the waist down after a bullet passed through her spine. Grant is to serve a minimum of 17 years in prison, and Kolawole and McCalla a minimum of 14 years in prison.

Drug Charges

In March 2012 three members of GAS gang were jailed for selling Class A drugs in Brixton alongside older drug dealers. The older drug dealers involved included 35-year-old  Albert Polack, who sold crack while carrying his 13 month old baby daughter in his arms, Gregory Coleman, 39, and Edroy Barnet, 63.

The alleged GAS gang members that were involved remain unnamed, however they are believed to be a 16-year-old boy caught supplying heroin and crack who has been imprisoned for 33 months. The other was a 17-year-old boy who received a 12 month community order for being involved in the supply of Class A drugs.

 Sneakbo’s Affiliation

South London rapper Sneakbo is reportedly a member of GAS gang and has never hidden his affiliation with them.

According to rumours, Sneakbo was the GAS gang member who was stabbed by rival gang TN1 in 2010 which led to the revenge attack on Zac Olumegbon, however this has never been confirmed. Earlier on this year Sneakbo tweeted a photo of Zac’s murderers, asking for them to be freed.

Zac Olumegbon’s murderers, clockwise from top left: Helder Demorais, Ricardo Giddings, Kyle Kinghorn and Jamal Moore

Sneakbo can also be seen rapping in the video below which was used in the murder investigation of Zac Olumegbon, alongside Jamal Moore, one of Zac’s murderers. Sneakbo is yet to comment on his exposed gang affiliation, and we do wonder if he will suffer any major backlash as a result of this exposure.