1Xtra DJ Tim Westwood has finally had enough of everyone ridiculing his Proud2 raves and has banned all photography at any of his events.

Westwood made the announcement on his radio show on Monday evening and followed it with a tweet just now, saying

He further explained,

…because people just talk crazy about it, the photos, it all amounts to cyber bullying.

He then goes on to talk about the negative reactions he received about his raves whilst he was handing out flyers for his event at Westfield Shopping Centre on Sunday.

This girl said she wouldn’t come to the rave because she was too scared that her photograph would be taken and people would say some horrible things, so rest assured we are banning all photographers.

While you’re at it you might want to consider adding a ‘no wig throwing policy’ at your raves Westwood, maybe then the ridiculing will die down.

In the meantime we guess we’ll have to attend with a hidden camera and some popcorn in order to get our weekly laughs entertainment.