Yes. That is indeed Grandaddy Westwood. Let it sink in. Figuratively.

Done?  Well on Friday, veteran DJ Tim Westwood held another one of his infamous parties at Proud 2 at the O2. And after the fallout from the last event (literally) we would’ve thought that he would try to tidy things up a bit. Evidently we were wrong.

The 54-year-old BBC Radio 1xtra DJ decided that you’re never too old to be daggering (a practice which was banned in Jamaica where it was conceived) and tweeted this photo of himself with an extremely embarrassed looking young girl bending over and letting Westwood have it. Stop! No, go on.

We can just about take images of Westwood dressing as a 19-year-old, and even using unnecessary amounts of street slang, but daggering? Leave it yeah.