He’s already been hailed as one of the freshest dressers around by uber style guide GQ, and now Tinie Tempah is going all out to impress the fashion elite by launching his debut clothing line Disturbing London exclusively at Selfridges.

At the launch of the collection yesterday Tinie described his line as ‘Americana’ and used trendy fashionista terms like ‘heritage’ and ‘tailored’ (clearly fed to him by a publicist) when discussing the future of the brand. Obvious comparisons to rapper turned fashion designer Kanye West were drawn, but Tinie claims he’s not about the ‘Yeezy’ hype, saying

I don’t want people to just go out and buy this stuff because Tinie Tempah is associated with it. I want people to fall in love with it and go and seek it off their own accord.

Although slightly out of the average price range, the Disturbing London collection features a range of eclectic pieces including a DL zipped hoodie, the much coveted inverted tour jacket and of course Tinie’s signature cargo shorts.

As fine as he is it made perfect business sense for him to front the marketing campaign for the luxury store along with his hot new proteges G FrSH, Dot Jr, Sasha Keable.

We love how Tinie has combined his ‘style of street-cool culture with high-end fashion’, but with Tinie stating himself how he had to ‘save up’ just to visit Selfridges we wonder how many of his fans are going to fork out £270 for a varsity style jacket? Disturbing London indeed. Ahem.